Supported Devices

Almond Asthma Assistant

Icon for Almond Asthma Assistant

Help manage your asthma symptoms and medication.

Almond Bets Market

Icon for Almond Bets Market

Interface for the Bets market

Almond Bike Market

Icon for Almond Bike Market

Buy & sell second hand bikes

Almond Book Market

Icon for Almond Book Market

A place to buy and sell books.

Almond Couch Market

Icon for Almond Couch Market

Sell and Buy 2nd hand couches.

Almond Dates

Icon for Almond Dates

Find your date

Almond Furniture Market

Icon for Almond Furniture Market

Sell and Buy 2nd hand furniture, now with size and material

Almond Textbook Market 2

Icon for Almond Textbook Market 2

Sell and Buy 2nd hand textbooks

Almond Wine Market

Icon for Almond Wine Market

Buy and Sell Wine


Icon for AlmondMarketTextbookDevice

Sell and Buy 2nd hand textbooks.


Icon for Annie

Talk to


Icon for BikeMarketAssign1

Sell and Buy 2nd hand bikes.

Bing Search

Icon for Bing Search

Search the web with Bing

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Icon for Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth heart rate monitor

Bluetooth Speaker

Icon for Bluetooth Speaker

A generic Bluetooth speaker supporting A2DP (high quality audio)

BodyTrace Scale

Icon for BodyTrace Scale

You can use a BodyTrace Scale to keep track of your weight and your health

Box Account

Icon for Box Account

Gives access to your Box files